Alfalfa Meal Fertilizer 2.80-0.29-2.40

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Stop and smell the roses, why don't you?! But how can you if your garden has no roses to speak of?


Roses, in particular, don't want a fertilizer mix by any other name than Greenway Biotech Organic Alfalfa Meal Fertilizer, the all-natural, non-GMO fertilizer perfect for roses and any organic garden.


Your roses, fruits, and vegetables are going to love our Alfalfa Meal fertilizer because it contains essential minerals, which intensifies flower color and yields more buds every year. Try Alfalfa Meal fertilizer out in your organic vegetable garden and watch the plant growth be naturally stimulated into delivering maximum yields. Plus, Alfalfa Meal keeps earthworms extra happy, which keeps plants in full supply of air and fertile soil.


Our proprietary organic Alfalfa Meal fertilizer is made from fermented alfalfa plants and also contains 2.80% organic Nitrogen, 0.29% Organic Phosphorous, and 2.40% organic Potassium. Because it's so packed full of minerals, our organic alfalfa meal fertilizer is great at replenishing worn out soils when used as a soil amendment. And because it feeds microorganisms, it is great at stimulating compost piles into faster decomposition. Add Alfalfa Meal to your compost today and watch it turn into a beautifully rich pile of soil faster than years past. Nothing weighs on your conscience because this fertilizer is 100% natural.


Some of the Most Common Alfalfa Meal Fertilizer Benefits:

  1. Good Source of Minerals
  2. Builds Organic Matter
  3. Feeds Microorganisms
  4. Stimulates Growth
  5. Fixes Nitrogen
  6. Stimulates Compost
  7. Controls Harmful Nematodes
  8. Provides Drought Resistance
  9. Is a Dynamic Accumulator
  10. Is a Great Cover Crop


Application Rates:

Good Soil:      10-13 Pounds per 1,000 square feet

                       1/4 Cup per Plant

                       1 Pound per 10 Feet row


Average Soil: 25-30 Pounds per 1,000 square feet

                        1/3 Cup per Plant

                        2 Pounds per 10 Feet row


Bad Soil:       40-50 Pounds per 1,000 square feet

                      1/2 Cup per Plant

                      3 Pounds per 10 Feet row