Blood Meal Fertilizer 13-0-0

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Greenway Biotech's Blood Meal fertilizer is a great source of quick-acting nitrogen for your vegetables, fruits, and crops. Our Blood Meal has one of the highest Nitrogen percentages in the market with over 13% Nitrogen. Blood Meal has many different uses including:

  1. Blood Meal increases Nitrogen level of your soil to improve your crops quality and make it healthier
  2. Blood Meal lowers the pH level of the soil to make it more acidic
  3. Blood Meal helps the plants with Nitrogen deficiency and fixes it
  4. Blood Meal could also act as a pesticide to keep some animals (such as deer and rabbits) and pests away from your garden
  5. Blood Meal is a great source for the plants that need immediate help (nutrients) because it is one of the fastest acting fertilizers


Another popular application is to use this product to discourage deer from tampering with your garden.


Application Rate:

Good Soil:      7-10 Pounds per 1,000 square feet

                       1/4 Cup per Plant

                       1 Pound per 10 Feet row


Average Soil: 12-15 Pounds per 1,000 square feet

                        1/3 Cup per Plant

                        2 Pounds per 10 Feet row


Bad Soil:       25 Pounds per 1,000 square feet

                      1/3 Cup per Plant

                      3 Pounds per 10 Feet row



NOTE: This product is not registered to be used in Organic gardening in the state of California except for the 50-Pound bag.